These are personal poems that I’m writing and posting exclusively on wordpress under the pseudonym ‘Diogenes’. With “Fantastical regret” I conclude chapter I. “Flowery war” I have categorized separately since it’s another theme and style.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. I’d like to dedicate this work to all in whom it elicits a reaction. May/23/2010


With “Flowers and song” and “Flowery war” I make a two poem special chapter. Well I’m looking forward to the first poem of the second chapter…May/28/2010


‘2nd Apparition of St. Isidore’ starts chapter two. A new poem is in its final stages and will post soon. Jul/28/2010


Due to the few and shortness of the poems, I’ve decided to leave ‘flowers and song’ and ‘flowery war’ as chapter I poems. The poem ‘composite’ is  not in anyway a haiku, but now I post an attempt with ‘Haiku No.1’…have been scarce with the writing lately, had a poem posted on another site and was thinking of reworking it for wordpress, but lost my trial membership and the poem as well, nothing special though, I’m stuck on it’s worth(or non-worth) and the few lines I remember, guess those  are the best poems, “The Oblivion Shrouded”, well seems the title and theme for the next poem has come about. Sept/26/2010


I have been unproductive so far.  But as this blog remains free, I hope to eventually have enough chapters to close it as a book, and revise it later. I’ve just posted “Summer Realms” and expect to post another new poem soon.  3/12/11


Yheeeey! finished another chapter. Though this blog seems futile, one comment so far although I’ve commented on other poet bloggers on wordpress, but it’s ok at dark it’s a much more knitted interactive site, and well friends can be referred to this site and read the poems and ultimately who cares! maybe nothing here is dignified enough, well I’ll keep at it so lets see what chapter three might bring. 8/4/2011


The promised poem ‘the oblivion shrouded’ is posted, I took verses from ‘summer realm’ so the former should be considered a rework of the latter,  which holds this chapter to eight still,  but I promise to bring chapter three into fruition in the next few days, I’m probably looking at something experimental to start it off. 17/04/2011


I’ve deleted ‘Summer Real’ as it is now reworked as ‘the Oblivion Shrouded’, and we start off chapter three with ‘Intimate Remoteness’. This poem was construed in it’s base in a spurt of a few seconds, and polished over in a few minutes, I was aiming for a pop/kitsch since I’ve wanted to do some more experimental stuff, and yet… I’ve also composed a perverse poem and posted it at under the pseudonym ‘watercolor’, I have some reservations posting it here since this blog is more general in terms of audience,  so I’m still considering it, I would have to change the format of the blog though, with a front page, will see, anyway the plan remains to complete four chapters, revise, create an image for each poem and publish in book form. May/29/2011